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Here is how does your cavity get started

Dental caries is an old disease. Pale-ontological evidence shows that it has afflicted humans at least from the time that agriculture replaced hunting and gathering. Examination of skulls in Britain proposes that caries prevalence changed little from the Anglo-Saxon period (5th to 7th centuries) to the end of the Middle Ages, around the year 1500. […]

Nutrition and Your Oral Health

Keeping your teeth and gums beautiful, healthy, and strong is about more than just brushing, flossing, and avoiding sweets. Good nutrition also plays a large role in your dental health. A balanced diet, characterized by moderation and variety, will help boost your body’s immune system, so you’ll be less vulnerable to oral disease. A healthy […]

What is a dental hygienist?

A dental hygienist is a highly trained and licensed oral health professional who provides you with educational, clinical, and therapeutic services to enhance your oral and overall health. A dental hygienist uses her skills and knowledge to prevent, detect, and treat gum disease and tooth decay in her patients. Hygienists receive intensive, specialized education and […]

Superfloss and Floss Threader

The success of a dental treatment depends on the support of the oral health. Both the restorations and health of the adjacent teeth and gums are needed to keep clean and free of plaque. You must learn how to brush and floss your bridge, braces, teeth and surrounding gum thoroughly every time you eat. At […]

How to care for your teeth when you have periodontal disease

You probably learned to keep your teeth plaque-free when you were a child. The techniques and tools that were effective then are not sufficient to maintain your teeth and gums now that they have been damaged by periodontal disease. In a healthy mouth, the space between the tooth and gums (called the sulcus) is normally […]

Importance of Regular Exams

How we diagnose periodontal disease and decay Because we’re committed to preventive dentistry, we recommend that all of our patients see us at least every six months for a routine cleaning and examination. Dental problems start out small but can quickly worsen to become much more serious conditions. These problems are much easier to treat […]

Proper Flossing Technique for Your Teeth

Most cavities and periodontal disease begin between the teeth. While brushing is important, the bristles of your brush simply can’t reach between the teeth. To keep your gums and teeth healthy, you must remove the plaque between your teeth at least once a day. That’s why our Houston dentist recommends dental floss. Don’t worry about […]

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly

Proper tooth brushing involves four things: a soft toothbrush toothpaste with fluoride the correct brushing angle brushing in a pattern It’s important to brush at least twice a day using a soft toothbrush. The flexible bristles of a soft toothbrush are gentler on the gums and make it much easier to remove the plaque below […]

Dying From Toothpaste Ingestion

The discovery of fluoride and its current application in drinking water, toothpastes, mouthrinses, and other related products have contributed significantly to the reduction of dental cavities. However, each year thousands of people have contacted the Poison Control Center in the United States because they had accidentally ingested fluoride toothpaste and other fluoride-containing products. Below ...

Tongue Piercing Causes Serious Health Poblems

Body piercing is possibly the fastest growing form of self-expression today, and tongue and lip piercing seem to be among the most popular. But even though it’s an invasive surgical process, many piercings are done at the spur of the moment, under conditions that are neither sterile nor safe. Piercing carries risks you should weigh […]